The VGCT is the Dutch Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. The association is committed to a high quality and scientifically sound development and exercise of cognitive behavioral therapy. The VGCt does this by maintaining and enhancing the quality and continuing education of its members. Scientific research shows that cognitive behavioral treatments for mental many problems, including anxiety, depression and addiction, shouldn’t be preferred.

The goal of the Campaign LinkedIn was to generate awareness among general practitioners in the Netherlands, inform, stay top of mind , and sell tickets for the first Inspiratiedag by increasing qualified traffic to the website. The VGCt already had a company page with a reasonable number of followers, but did not yet generate content and therefore had no interaction and engagement with its audience.

What we did

  • Updated and optimized LinkedIn Company Page
  • Defined target groups (Huisartsen & POH)
  • Created relevant content to engage with your audience on LinkedIn
  • Advertising campaigns to promote to target groups via LinkedIn
  • Optimized campaigns on a weekly basis
  • Remarketing campaign to reach previous website visitors and increase conversions.


The LinkedIn Campaign had several positive results. The amount of followers on the page almost doubled in four months from 526 to 999 followers in, but the most important results are the increased interaction and engagement with its audience, as presented below:

The impressions of the ads and updates during the campaign increased awareness for the Inspiratiedag. vgct_impressions

During the campaign interaction between VGCt and its followers increased. The target groups liked, shared and commented on the updates which lead to the even more visibility of the VGCt on LinkedIn.vgct_socialactions

Most important was the traffic generated to the website. This lead to the fact the first inspiration of the day VGCt was well visited on September 13, 2014.